Cold Ethyl (i_like_bats) wrote in alicetrasheslj,
Cold Ethyl

Golf Monster

Anybody else read Alice Cooper, Golf Monster?

Also I'm looking for nice, entertaining bio of Alice to read because sumemr is the time for rock biographies, but all of them seem to be out of print, does anybody know any good titles?
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Golf Monster is a pretty good read-I recomend it.He's got some pretty funny stories in there-especially his moments with Elvis Presley and Salvador Dali.
Yeah I read it, but I got the feeling he really, really just wanted to write about golf and the publisher's said not unless he wrote about his life as well. I was more interested in the life but it sort of took a backseat to the golf tips and tales which were interesting for a bit but as I have no interest in golf, rather boring.