angelachristian (angelachristian) wrote in alicetrasheslj,

Do you know his new TV-commercials for "Saturn" ?

What do you think about his new Helloween -song ? Good ? Bad ?

He´s the bartender in a Starwarsstyl -spacebar, while his "quest"-aliens are watching a soccermatch. Suddenly the channel switches to German polka-folk-music and everbody is shocked. Alice has to pull and twist horns on the wall in order to fix it, but gets the pornchannel instead of the soccermatch. He has to twist again to get the soccermatch, every alien is happy now and thanking him, but he just replies, that it´s all a matter of the right technic. Then the advertisement for a digital camera follows.
In an other spot an astronaut enters the bar and orders juice, because he can´t drink beer at work. He get´s out a tube and sucks the juice into his helmet, but it has a malfunction and he almost drowns inside the helmet. Alice has to save him by using a hammer to break the glass of the helmet. Then he says again, that it´s all a matter of the right technic. Advertisment for Saturn follows.

Have you seen it, yet ?
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